An Overdue Update

Well hello!

It has been approximately 1.5 million years since I updated this website. Hello, world. I'm still acting!

I've been in a few things here and there since I last wrote, but I have something I'm really excited to share. From October 12th to October 22nd, I'll be in a play called "my parents are here tonight" at the Access Theater Gallery. Written by the zany genius Zoe Maltby and directed by our fearless leader Liz Power, "my parents are here tonight" is a comedy set backstage of an over-ambitious high school production of King Lear. Crushes, angst, and snacks are abound. I'm genuinely thrilled to be in Zoe's very real (sometimes too real....) play about the passion that goes into high school Shakespeare. 

I plan on updating my website much more regularly these days, so stay tuned!